Recent Work by Richard Black

“The starting points for my sculpture, which is generally created from objects prised together, collaged from the worn, weathered and decayed flotsam and jetsam around us, the disjecta of our urban culture, stem from an irresolute seeking for an underlying abstraction that in part goes back to the discovery of “primitive” art in the early 20th Century and the sudden irruption into forms of purer abstraction in the work of European artists that then occurred. Brancusi and Arp, amongst many others, define where I like to think I might be headed but more often than not the exigencies of the material, its stubborn refusal to be suborned into something determined by me conditions much of the making process.This then is a ‘choreography’, a ‘confrontation’ in which I often remain a mere spectator. A delighted and amused spectator nonetheless. ”

The exhibition runs from November 19 – December 1.

Opening: Tuesday 19th November 6-8pm.

Hours: Tues-Sat 10-6pm, Sun 1-5pm

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Watch ‘Random Stochastical ¬†Probabilistic Reliquary for Joseph Cornell’ in action.