Once by Happenstance

Exhibition runs from 9th to 21st October 2018.

Opening Night Event: 6-8.30pm Wednesday 10th October.

Once by Happenstance is a group exhibition of four Sydney based artists – Lyndall McCulloch, Susannah Paterson, Fiona Smith and Geoff Hargraves.

Lyndall McCulloch is a printmaker who uses several processes in her work, including etching, solar plate, woodblock and lino printing. Her prints have evolved to become line works that are subsequently hand coloured with a range of bright inks. Many of her artworks are figurative and they tend to be a little quirky. The titles of each piece add complexity to her work, developing both character and mood so that 2-dimensional works become inhabited by 3-dimensional characters with lives beyond the frame. Viewers are drawn in to wonder things like, ‘What caused this dark mood?’ or ‘Will it all end well?’ She is also drawn to working with wildlife and often features endangered species in her work. Her current passion is experimenting with combining encaustic backgrounds and lino print highlights in larger works.

Susannah Paterson is a painter and potter living in Neutral Bay. She is mostly a figurative abstract painter, with occasional forays into impressionistic realism, and she makes both functional pottery and whimsical hand built sculptural work. Her paintings begin by activating the surface with random and rhythmic marks, which become the scaffold from which a theme emerges. Some of the works are taken into mysterious narratives, whilst other are left in their evocative state. She paints about infinity, duality, beauty, potential, and all possibilities therein, always working from a chaotic and unknown beginning, towards meaning, order and balance. She sees this process as a metaphor for life itself. Susannah’s ceramics provide a valuable grounding to the emotionality of the paintings. Sometimes she decorates her work using the same method she begins a painting with. Others are simply glazed. They are all created to bring pleasure to the one that holds them.

Fiona Smith draws on her love of the Snowy mountains region, painting with oils on board in a collection that takes in the different seasons – the wildflowers of spring, the changing moods of the winter landscape and the drama of the in-between seasons, when the multi-textured ground cover is graced by patches of snow. Brushes and palette knives have been used to create a textured surface, capturing the softness of freshly fallen snow and the ghostly trunks of fire-ravaged snowgums. Based in Sydney, Fiona’ artistic career took off when she was retrenched as a journalist and suddenly had more time to devote to painting. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Geoff Hargraves’ art is focused mainly on printmaking and acrylic paintings. Subject matter is mostly nature and our water environment. His linocut reduction prints are often experimental in his selective inking of his carved blocks. He uses Akua intaglio inks which are brightly pigmented. In his paintings, besides palette knives and brushes, Geoff at times will use fern stems, bamboo skewer points and found items to place fine marks on the surface.

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