Ladies in Detail
by Nacy

“Have you ever looked at a particular house and wondered what the people that lived inside were like? Well it’s the same with my ladies. Each one has a story, a secret. Will we ever know what it is? Or is our view always tainted with fragments of our own imagination?”

Ladies in detail presents a series of curvaceous women draped in texture and mystery. Some boasting opulence with their exuberant garments, others that dance off the canvas in fleeting movement. Mona Lisa smiles with scandalous tales. By one of Sydney’s most talented illustrators, you will be enchanted by the exquisite detail in which you will see what is arguably the worlds most sensual, captivating form; the lady.

Ladies in Details runs from October 8 – 20.

Opening night, Tuesday October 8, 6-8pm.

Open 10am-6pm daily.

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