2 Minds by Naoras Alkarkhey and Emad Dhahir

Exhibition runs from 25th April to 7th May 2017.
Opening Event: 6-8pm Wednesday 26th April
(Please note that Tuesday 25 April is Anzac Day and the exhibition will not open until after 1pm that day)

This show features Naoras Alkarkhey (in her first exhibition) and Emad Dhahir coming together as “2 Minds”. Their work is visually related in the exploration of the human form but conceptually has different focus.

Alkarkhey says “My artworks are a personal expression of my own dreams and experiences. I discover beauty in the feminine figure and the delicate structure of a woman’s curves. The infamous Raven is my representation of strength and recovery. It is symbolic of my own experiences and the challenges I have encountered throughout my life. I rejoice in the power of women and encourage a sense of individuality. Through my artworks, I aim to create a message in which women must embrace their body and sexuality; to accept themselves wholeheartedly.”

Dhahir says “The main sources of inspiration for my sculptural body of work comes from the mythology of my own culture – the ancient Mesopotamia which are blended with rituals of my daily life – my dreams and my memories. I borrow the beauty from formal and aesthetic qualities of old ancient sculptures as well as the languages and forms of modern sculpture such as those of Giacometti, transforming them into new contemporary language and spicing them with an ‘Iraqi style’. This ‘style’ often contains and interprets serious subject matter in form and content which provide to my sculptures different humanistic and aesthetic qualities. While facing these honestly made small-size sculptures, the viewer should comprehend that they are just creative and playful foundation for bigger sculptural artistic projects waiting to be created in public space.”

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