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Flash by Usyd Photosoc

Exhibition: Tuesday 1st May 2018

A flash of light. A burst of speed or emotion. Whether it’s a flashing a smile or the glint of the stars, Flash is a word which conjures speed, intermittence and intangibility.

Photosoc is proud to present its first exhibition for 2018 which celebrates the best in student photography.

We are searching for Photography which looks outside the box and explores the idea of ‘FLASH’. We welcome anything from the flash of a camera bulb to a perfect (or imperfect) moment, or anything in-between.

To enter a photo:
– Entry is FREE
– Photos must be .jpg files with a minimum of 3600 x 2400 pixels.
– No more than 5 entries per person.
– Ensure your photos are saved as – ‘FULLNAME_Title_FLASH’
– Email your photographs to 2018photosoce xhibition@gmail.comwith ‘FULLNAME _FLASH’ as the subject line
– the DEADLINE for entry is WEDNESDAY 11 APRIL 11.59pm.

The prizes will be announced soon from our sponsors including Georges Cameras.

Entry is free so get snapping and we look forward to seeing your best photos!

Please note images below are from last year’s exhibition theme “AEONS”.

One Mind – Five Views
by Damian Talbot

Exhibition runs 17 – 29 April 2018
Opening Night: 6-8pm Tuesday 17 April
Artist Talk: 2pm Saturday 21 April

I am a self-taught artist and work as a medical doctor training to be a psychiatrist. Through the years these two aspects of my life have worked in parallel, intersecting at times e.g. themes and interests. I consider them equal and balanced parts of my outward philosophy or means of expression.

I completed my art studies in high school, and since this time I have maintained my knowledge by regularly reading art books, visiting museums, and directly interacting or consuming other cultural pursuits.

I love all styles of art but am most fascinated with the colour theories of Post-Impressionism. More recently, I have been interested in Greek mythology, which I think works in tandem and is inspired by my psychiatry training. I have also loved painting from life, particularly en plein air painting. There is something about the freshness of a work painted outdoors that can’t be emulated in the studio.

My psychiatry training has enabled me to think laterally and has challenged me to question a lot of things about society and life in general. This is why I use a wide range of techniques: from classical drawing (such as charcoal for its fluidity) to pointillism championed by Seurat and Signac. I am yet to find my preferred method of producing art, but I particularly like using oil pastels and soft pastels because of their pure and vibrant colours and the rapidity of their application.

I love animals and my cat, Charlie Paul, features prominently in the exhibition. He has such a warm and loving personality and a sense of majesty and softness that I love to capture.

I think that art can be created by anyone and with anything. Someone’s masterpiece may end up in another’s garbage bin. It is all relative and subjective, often a critique of psychiatry. In this respect, I wanted to hold an exhibition of some of my work to demonstrate the many techniques that can be employed to produce a piece of art.

‘There are always flowers for those who want to see them’. (Henri Matisse)

Download exhibition invitation.

2017 Highlights

Exhibition runs from 19 December 2017 – 28 January 2018

Festive Drinks Event: 6-8pm Wednesday 20 December


Combining works by print-makers Marina Bishop and Kelvin Taylor, sculptures by Peter Day, reverse painted glass by Wayne Pearson and other glass artists, this show explores the “Captain’s Pick” of 2017.

Each invited featured artist has their own focus…

Marina Bishop explores the landscape and says “I love scenes of the Australian coast and hinterland. I need to capture the feelings I have from these images. I don’t want to ‘freeze’ them photographically, but to portray the effect they have on me.”

The printmaking series produced by Kelvin Taylor focuses on the power garnered by popular figures viewed through the filter of the police mugshot.

Peter Day’s sculptures are “fictional intuitive and speculative. His sculptures often invite the viewer to explore the decayed beauty of an object and its history.”

Wayne Pearson’s current fascination and subject of his reverse-painted glass panels are common Australian birds. Blue wrens, magpies, pelicans and cockatoos feature in his magnificent paintings.

14 – 24 December 2017 are our normal opening hours.
Tues-Sat 10am-5.30pm, Sun 1-5pm, Mon Closed.
25 December 2017 – 9 January 2018 GALLERY CLOSED
10 – 28 January 2018 are our summer holiday hours.
Wed-Sat 11am-5pm.
ALL OTHER TIMES AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT AS IN SITU IN SYDNEY (Sun,Mon,Tues). For appointment, please leave message on answer machine or by email and we will be happy to welcome you.
NB: 26 January – Australia Day Public Holiday – Gallery Closed.

Four Ways by Anastazia Grzybowski, Maria Grzybowski, Svetlana Soldatova and Galina Yurakova

Exhibition Opening: 5-8pm Saturday 9 December
Exhibition runs from Tuesday 5 to Sunday 17 December

Four Ways, Four Artists, A Single Passion.

Four artist’s destinies are bound up within the patterns of nature; they view it from their own unique perspective but with a single passion. Three out of the four were born in Eastern Europe: Maria (Anastazia’s mother), Svetlana and Galina (Svetlana’s mother).

Anastazia Grzybowski studies at the Sydney College of the Arts majoring in painting. She recently started to experiment with acrylic and other mediums to create large scale expressive works in her final year.

Maria Grzybowski graduated from the College of Design & Advertising in Poland and from the Sydney Gallery School. The painter found Australian nature fascinating after moving here from Europe, and from there developed a distinctive, vibrant style in her work. Infinite possibilities of colours flow through her compositions showing an imagination without limits, stemming from the spiritual power of the vast Australian nature. She uses the idea of painting being a window to another boundless dimension and takes the viewer to the worlds full of landscapes, which reflect the relationship between the spiritual and nature.

Svetlana Soldatova grew up in a family of artists and since her early childhood, couldn’t imagine any other way of life. After graduating from the Kiev Art College of Shevchenko, she experimented within the different fields of art. Illustrating children’s books allowed Svetlana to introduce herself to commercial illustration. After the crash of the Soviet system and the disruption of perestroika, she worked in the field of theatrical and social poster design. Moving to Australia, Svetlana engaged more in painting, graphic design and in recent years book illustration. She has been a participant of exhibitions in both Australia and Europe.

Born in the Ukraine, Galina Yurakova graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art in The Art College of Kazan. She moved to Australia in 1995 with her family and participated in many successful exhibitions in Sydney. Since moving here, Galina’s eyes have been opened to a new view with the surprising nature of Australia and the world of oceans, colour and light.

Download exhibition invite.

Landscape, Feathers and things in Bronze by Marina Bishop, Wayne Pearson and Peter Day

Exhibition runs from 14th November to 3rd December
Opening Night: 6-8pm Wednesday 15th November
Artist Talk: 2pm Saturday 18th November

The landscapes of Marina Bishop capture, in acrylic and watercolour, the breathtaking east coast of Australia. From magnificent eucalypts to Sydney sandstone, she draws inspiration from her surrounding environment, interpreting it in a semi abstract style with strong colour and fluid line.

Complementing this Australian narrative is the work of her partner, not only in this exhibition but also in life, Wayne Pearson.  Utilising a technique of combining kiln-fired enamel and oil paint, reverse painted onto sheets of glass, his creations bring to life a gamut of Australian feathered wildlife.

The final piece in this trilogy, are the sculptures of Peter Day. Working predominantly in bronze, Day intuitively manipulates and casts the ordinary into the extraordinary. More fictional intuitive and speculative, his sculptures often invite the viewer to explore the decayed beauty of an object and it’s history.

Download exhibition invite.

Download Press Release.

Landscapes Real and Imagined
by Mercia Bush and Patrick Connolly

Exhibition runs from 17th – 29th October 2017
Opening Night: 6-8pm Tuesday 17th October
Drinks with the Artists: 3pm Saturday 21st October

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 6pm
Mondays: Closed

Joint exhibition of recent artworks by Mercia Bush and Patrick Connolly.


Following a long and successful career in marketing and fund raising, Bush took up painting seriously in 2005. Enrolling in numerous painting, drawing and art classes/workshops, she has honed her skills and the subject matter she is most drawn to is the Australian landscape. Bush says “I have been inspired by the challenge to explore and capture in oil paint and watercolours some essence of the magnificence of the landscape: the timelessness, the vastness of the grand vista, the possibility that no footsteps have walked on it…Australia is an ancient land shaped by time and erosion…This exhibition of works represent the culmination of many journeys, personal and actual, real and imagined.”
Read full artist statement.


The genesis of artworks usually begins with ideas from any source that engages and inspires the artist. Once these ideas come to fruition in whatever form and medium there is never an ending to their development only the completion of the artworks inspired by these ideas. They stay with the artist who constantly searches for ways to express, refine and perfect.

My series of artworks began with this small sketch while drawing in the Botanic Gardens in April 2016. (See first image in second gallery below.)

The tree theme kept recurring and to follow that theme I agree with Alex Katz (New York artist, born 1927) when he said “Part of what I’m about is seeing. How can I paint the same thing differently instead of different things the same way?”, now you see the result of this continuing theme in my artworks.

My career has been in education and specifically in art education exploring the imagination and natural creativeness of children. Teaching has always been my passion and to observe the excitement of children when they have achieved something that is to the best of their ability is special.

Marc Chagall once said: “When I see the young it gives me pleasure to work” and so with this in mind I have endeavoured to engage this pleasure in my own artmaking.

Download exhibition invite #1.
Download Mercia Bush exhibition invite #2

Profile ’17

The 5th JMGA-NSW Biennial Curated Award Exhibition for Jewellery, Objects and Metalsmithing

Exhibition runs from 19 September to 1 October 2017.
Opening Night and Award Ceremony: 6-8pm Tuesday 19 September
Performance by Matina Bourmas of “A Gift for You”: 1-3pm Saturday 23 September

Profile is a significant curated award exhibition of contemporary jewellery, objects and metalsmithing by members of Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia NSW (JMGA-NSW). With awards on offer for both emerging and established artists, there will be a diverse and comprehensive cross- section of work from some of our state’s most talented contemporary jewellers. Selected artworks will be exhibited at Gauge Gallery.

Profile ’17 judges:
Lisa Cahill. CEO and Artistic Director of the Australian Design Centre and Grace Cochrane AM. Curator, Writer, Consultant.

HIGHLY COMMENDED ARTISTS: Jesika Dawnn, Bic Tieu and Helen Wyatt

Artists exhibiting: Linda Blair, Matima Bourmas, Zara Collins, Diane Connal, Jesika Dawnn, Jenny Fahey, Karen Findeis, Yixuan Geng, Kyoko Hashimoto, Shelly Jam, Bridget Kennedy, Carly Lay, Ba An Le, Fiona Meller, Helen Mok, Shan Shan Mok, Somboun Phonesouk, Gavino Pili, Francisca Rendic, Charlotte Richardson, Elena Sorensen, Bic Tieu, Romana Toson, Bobbie Winger, Helen Wyatt, and Yi Zhu.

Download exhibition invite

Just Art Competition
The Law Society of New South Wales

Exhibition runs 5th – 17th September 2017
Official Opening: 6-8pm Wednesday 6th September 2017.

This exhibition represents the culmination of the Law Society’s Just Art charity fundraising competition. More than 70 artists entered the competition held throughout June and July this year, submitting artworks inspired by the theme of justice. The Just Art exhibition will feature the top entries from the competition and proceeds will be donated to Bara Barang Corporation Ltd , the Law Society of NSW President’s 2017 charity.

View exhibition invite.

View finalist catalogue.