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Landscapes Real and Imagined
by Mercia Bush and Patrick Connolly

Exhibition runs from 17th – 29th October 2017
Opening Night: 6-8pm Tuesday 17th October
Drinks with the Artists: 3pm Saturday 21st October

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 6pm
Mondays: Closed

Joint exhibition of recent artworks by Mercia Bush and Patrick Connolly.


Following a long and successful career in marketing and fund raising, Bush took up painting seriously in 2005. Enrolling in numerous painting, drawing and art classes/workshops, she has honed her skills and the subject matter she is most drawn to is the Australian landscape. Bush says “I have been inspired by the challenge to explore and capture in oil paint and watercolours some essence of the magnificence of the landscape: the timelessness, the vastness of the grand vista, the possibility that no footsteps have walked on it…Australia is an ancient land shaped by time and erosion…This exhibition of works represent the culmination of many journeys, personal and actual, real and imagined.”
Read full artist statement.


The genesis of artworks usually begins with ideas from any source that engages and inspires the artist. Once these ideas come to fruition in whatever form and medium there is never an ending to their development only the completion of the artworks inspired by these ideas. They stay with the artist who constantly searches for ways to express, refine and perfect.

My series of artworks began with this small sketch while drawing in the Botanic Gardens in April 2016. (See first image in second gallery below.)

The tree theme kept recurring and to follow that theme I agree with Alex Katz (New York artist, born 1927) when he said “Part of what I’m about is seeing. How can I paint the same thing differently instead of different things the same way?”, now you see the result of this continuing theme in my artworks.

My career has been in education and specifically in art education exploring the imagination and natural creativeness of children. Teaching has always been my passion and to observe the excitement of children when they have achieved something that is to the best of their ability is special.

Marc Chagall once said: “When I see the young it gives me pleasure to work” and so with this in mind I have endeavoured to engage this pleasure in my own artmaking.

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