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5 Inner West Artists

Exhibition runs 14th-26th June 2016.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm Wednesday 15th June.

Rachel Honnery, Rita Karagelinian, Jeanette Scott, April White and Tony Williams are studio mates at Lennox Street Studios, Newtown. They have come together to create this “pop-up” show and celebrate the depth of creative talent found at Lennox Street Studios.

Rachel Honnery’s work is an investigation into the issues facing humanity in the age of Anthropocene with a focus on human debris in damaged environments. Her paintings are an allegorical metamorphosis of human-generated environmental degradation and modification.

Rita Karagelinian works explore portraits and abstract forms through painting. She is interested in discovery, a breaking through into the unknown. Her work celebrates ethereal and fantastical.

Jeanette Scott explores local landscape colour and the ambience of the vast spaces in the Northern Territories of Australia. The work in this exhibition investigates the Ross River area in the East MacDonnell Ranges.

April White’s inspiration for painting, drawing and digital art making is drawn from personal experience and observation of life.

Tony Williams draws inspiration from this fantastic land we live in – the deserts, mountains, escarpments, cliffs, vegetation, chasms, water and weather of this stunning environment. He translates a personal attachment to this land in his work.

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