Exhibition runs from Tuesday 4th June to Sunday 23rd June.

Opening Night: 6pm Tuesday 4th June

The first joint art exhibition of two doubly-gifted jazz musicians.

George Washingmachine
Violinist + Vocalist + Visual Artist
George is an internationally renowned Sydney jazz musician and visual artist. For the past 20 years George’s art has revolved around light boxes and assemblages inspired by all things architectural and design.

Jiri Kripac
Trumpeter + Vocalist + Visual Artist
With beginnings in drawing, architectural drafting and painting, Jiri’s practice has settled for 20 years now on sculpture made from pianos and found objects. His love for Vintage Jazz has earned him the title of “The Bouncin’ Czech”.

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Exhibitions runs until Sunday 2nd June.

Drawing from his experience as a musician and glass artist specialising in lampworking, Mark Eliott’s journey is enriched with storytelling and improvisations on many levels. Significantly, Mark was recently awarded the prestigious Tom Malone Prize – Art Gallery of WA.

OFFICIAL OPENING NIGHT: 6-8pm Tuesday 2nd April by Grace Cochrane AM
At 6.30pm, Grace will present the stories behind the works with Mark Eliott accompanying on his glass instruments.

We are proud to present this exhibition which showcases the brevity of Mark’s ideas through his eclectic and skilful interpretations.

RETRO by Usyd Photosoc

We’re bringing a brand new photography competition this semester and the theme is RETRO

This is the chance to showcase your skills as a photographer, where our competition finalists will have their work exhibited at a gallery on the opening night!

Think disco balls, polaroids, year 6 formal, the story that grandpa always tells… this exhibition is all about the memories (good or bad) that we can capture in a photograph.

We want images that inspire a little flash back to the days before the digital, before iPhones, before things got so complicated. Let us see into your memories or let us see a slice of your life that brings us back to the good old days, whichever decade that may be.

Welcome Autumn

Exhibition runs from 26th February until mid-March.

Our current exhibit heralds the beginning of Autumn as we show works by our artists who capture these colours in various ways.

Remember more work in our upstairs gallery.


The Gallery will be open right up until Sunday 23rd December (1-5pm).

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you everything you wish for yourselves and loved ones for the year ahead and thank you for your support throughout the year.

CLOSED JANUARY, except by appointment.
As I remain in situ, I welcome appointments for visits at any time.

1st – 17th: We will be operating from the upstairs gallery in our usual hours (Mon: closed unless by appointment; Tues to Sat: 10am-5.30pm; Sun: 1-5pm). This is due to ongoing maintenance in the downstairs space. Just ring doorbell 68 and we will come down to welcome you. Looking forward to seeing you.

Favourites & Festive Finale for 2018

Exhibition runs from December 4-23.

We look forward to you visiting the gallery in the next two weeks as we are open until Sunday 23rd December 1-5pm.

We have a great array of works in all different mediums which highlight the breadth of ideas from our Glass Artists’ Gallery and Gauge artists.

As a special feature, we are privileged to have the annual sale of Kerin English’s fine leather bags. There is a wide range of prices and designs suitable for gift giving at this time of the year.

Artists include: Jill Carter-Hansen, Pamela Fairburn, Maureen Flowers, Geoff Hargraves, Sean O’Donoghue, Julia Weisz, Jonathon Westacott and Celeste Wrona.

by Celeste Wrona

Exhibition runs Wednesday 20th to Sunday 25th November.

Sydney contemporary artist Celeste Wrona launches her stunning new solo exhibition “Awaken” at Gauge Gallery. This collection incorporates her signature ink paintings, with mixed media collage, beautifully arranged organic forms and tranquil line work, reminiscent of the play of light and colour upon mountains, sky and sea. Expect to see classic muted palettes contrasted with deep, punchy hues.

Registered guests attending the exhibition will be gifted with their very own complimentary limited edition print signed and numbered by Celeste. (Not valid for redemption at Opening Brunch or Exhibition Launch).
To register visit–sydney/celeste-wrona/

Opening Brunch: 11am-1pm Wednesday 21st November
Celeste, a mother of two herself understands how difficult it can be to attend evening art events, so she has made her opening brunch family friendly! Grab the girls (or guys!) bring bubs (or not!) and enjoy a scrumptious brunch, complimented by beautiful art. And have exclusive first dibs on Celeste’s much anticipated new works!

Exhibition Launch: 5.30-8.30pm Friday 23rd November
Join artist Celeste Wrona for her exclusive launch party celebrating her stunning solo exhibition “Awaken”. Be amoungst the first to explore Celeste’s much anticipated and exciting new collection of original artworks and fine art prints. A dynamic evening of art over wine and antipasti.

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Altered Impressions
by Jill Carter-Hansen

Exhibition runs from Tuesday 13 to Sunday 18 November.

Opening Event: 6.30-8.30pm Tuesday 13 November

Altered Impressions
Works on paper
Jill Carter-Hansen (MFA Hons, BFA, Certificate Animation)

Printmaking can be a seductive process…but I seldom print editions!

As a combined-mediums artist, my mind takes me to alternative places and possibilities. The story-teller/poet in me demands metaphors and unexpected endings. Exploring the possibilities within the process constantly whets my creative appetite. I search for what might be rather than what has already happened, realising that a sense of completeness seldom lasts…and perfection?…how can anyone judge what that may be through another’s eyes?

Apart from basic print techniques these works range later through time – past those explored in my studies In Fine-Arts, Graphics and Photography begun at Elam School of Art, at 17, later Auckland University and much later after arriving in Australia and my research at Western Sydney University. when there was NO print-making and where I lectured/tutored part–time and at other Art Institutions, sometimes free-lancing as a photo-journalist, for financial survival.

My memories of drawing go back to around 3 years of age…growing up on a farm where animals dwelled – in my mind, and on paper as much as on the hillsides. The gift of a Kodak Brownie at an early age added another dimension to my image -making and photography is still a constant within my practice. Artists Books began for me around 1984 and the poetry at about 8 years of age.

Apart from some 100 group shows (NZ and Australia) plus 21 solo shows, I’ve written and illustrated for numerous publishers including for my own – and others’-Children’s Books. Australian Federal and State Government grants assisted me in making the latter two of my three experimental Animated Films (narrative without words or dialogue) “spoken” in the pure language of film alone (from my numerous drawn/painted stills – with my added voice chants.) These works were all screened and awarded at International Festivals.

The work of Caravaggio impressed me. Shadow and light express so much. regardless of techniques. Darkness appears richer with light working through to define shape and space. Such images arrive as personal metaphors. Sometimes (with eyes closed) I draw into dark ink applied to the “plate” surface, prior to printing, The resulting unexpected discoveries can then be taken further to reveal and inspire – often suggesting a sudden undoing of any preconceived idea.

More frequently now, I find this subliminal approach – as a gift from The Void – my acceptance of the unexpected over-riding a previous consciously controlled one.

The older I get the more I realise the less I know, except that ‘mystery’ is ALL

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Recent Works by Fred Fink

Exhibition runs Tuesday 23rd – Sunday 28th October.

Official Opening: 6-8pm Wednesday 24th October.

Fred Fink’s latest works continue to expand his distinctive landscapes. After a four year wait, and with his last exhibition at Gauge a sellout, this much anticipated show is sure to create even more enthusiasm and interest.