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The Valley and Tableaux
by Peter Day

Exhibition runs 11th – 23rd October 2016.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm Wednesday 12th October.
Artist Talk: 11am Saturday 15th October

Paintings of the Capertee Valley from the air and small bronze sculptures of psychological associations and anomalies.

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Visit Environmental Art and Design website.

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ANGLE – A USYD Photosoc Exhibition

Theme: ANGLE

PhotoSoc is proud to announce this semester’s exhibition ‘ANGLE’, our annual competition and exhibition to celebrate the best of student photography.

Join us on the 27th September at Gauge Gallery for a night of food, drinks and beautiful images.

We will be looking for photography that creatively explores the theme ‘Angle’ – whether it’s through use of lighting, angles, shadows or shapes – and a wide range of subject matter. Anything ‘from cheekbones to architecture’. Prize details will be announced soon.

Exhibition submission requirements:
- Open to all students currently attending a Sydney-based university
- Free submissions!
- Maximum of 4 entries per person
- Photos must be at least 3300px wide and be 300dpi in JPEG or TIFF format. Finalists will be printed in A4
- Submission to with ANGLE in the subject line
- Successful participants will be notified by e-mail

Entry with food and drink:
Exhibited entrants: Free
USYD Photosoc Members: $5
USU Access: $10
Non-Access: $15

Visit USYD Photosoc’s website.

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Exhibition runs 23rd – 28th August 2016

Conversations with Curators: 2pm Saturday 27th August.

Group exhibition by visiting artists from Thailand who celebrate the value of art and culture from their homeland. The artists – Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin, Decha Warashoon, Worapong Arunrueng, Pallop Wangborn, Wallop Sisen, Jenwit Choothong, Chollada Chanprasopphon, Kanokporn Sirjong, Rattana Waiyarabut, and Piyangkul Jantarakul work in painting, printing and mixed media, exploring the feeling of love, bonding, family, art and culture.

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Paradigm by Chidzey

Exhibition runs 26th July to  14th August 2016

Opening Night: 6-8pm Tuesday 26th July

Chidzey’s new solo exhibition ‘Paradigm’ continues his sculptural journey. Utilizing timber, bronze, and glass, he articulates his latest visual research into the life of St Francis of Assisi and its implications for our lives today.

Francis Bernadone’s radical enlightenment and subsequent response shook the world in ways rarely imagined. His attitude to the dispossessed, his understanding of beauty and creativity, and his radical environmentalism was extreme by the standards of his world.

It can still shake the world today.

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5 Inner West Artists

Exhibition runs 14th-26th June 2016.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm Wednesday 15th June.

Rachel Honnery, Rita Karagelinian, Jeanette Scott, April White and Tony Williams are studio mates at Lennox Street Studios, Newtown. They have come together to create this “pop-up” show and celebrate the depth of creative talent found at Lennox Street Studios.

Rachel Honnery’s work is an investigation into the issues facing humanity in the age of Anthropocene with a focus on human debris in damaged environments. Her paintings are an allegorical metamorphosis of human-generated environmental degradation and modification.

Rita Karagelinian works explore portraits and abstract forms through painting. She is interested in discovery, a breaking through into the unknown. Her work celebrates ethereal and fantastical.

Jeanette Scott explores local landscape colour and the ambience of the vast spaces in the Northern Territories of Australia. The work in this exhibition investigates the Ross River area in the East MacDonnell Ranges.

April White’s inspiration for painting, drawing and digital art making is drawn from personal experience and observation of life.

Tony Williams draws inspiration from this fantastic land we live in – the deserts, mountains, escarpments, cliffs, vegetation, chasms, water and weather of this stunning environment. He translates a personal attachment to this land in his work.

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Visit Rachel Honnery’s Facebook Page.
Visit Rita Karagelinian’s website.
Visit Jeanette Scott’s website.
Visit April White’s website.
Visit Tony Williams’ website.

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Visions of Africa
by Alison Campion

Exhibition runs from 24th May to 5th June 2016.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm Thursday 26th May

This series of paintings by artist Alison Campion has created a visual ode to African textiles by exploring the diversity and beauty of patterns depicted in both contemporary and traditional African textiles. Driven by the idea that the possibilities of creating different patterns is infinite, the designs depicted on the textiles in these paintings have been uniquely created drawing inspiration from forms in nature as well as patterns and symbols depicted in African textiles. The slow and entrancing process of painting repetitive motifs is conducive to a meditative mindset that allows Campion to reflect further on the idea of infinity in pattern designs and how the abstract concept of infinity is a truth that extends through different realms of life. With this in mind, the paintings explore ways in which textiles are used by African women to create beauty, celebrate life through their personal adornment of textiles and jewellery, and in the way they participate  and connect deeply with cultural traditions.

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GG_Invitation I'm Here Raw

“I’m Here” by Candy Goldsmith;
“Raw” by Vanessa Van Houten

As part of the Head On Photo Festival, Candy Goldsmith and Vanessa Van Houten present “I’m Here” and “Raw” respectively.

Both exhibitions will occupy Gauge Gallery from 10th-22nd May 2016.

Opening Night: 6-11pm Tuesday 10th May
Artists Talks from 7.30pm

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-9pm
Sunday: 1pm-5pm

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by Candy Goldsmith

A series of 11 images photographed in Perth Western Australia in 2015. The work features Bonnie, a 7 year old girl who has two brothers with special needs. The work aims to show both the strength and fragility in being a young carer.

”You have to listen harder, because you have to think and see what is happening. You have to be more aware because he can get sensitive more quickly and you have to figure out if it’s hard for him and when you know that he is in pain or something you just go straight to him, you don’t wait you just go. Pain is an example of feelings, when he is upset, in pain, anxious. You can think about it but when you are sure you just go to him and he just needs a pat on the shoulder or a hug and fifteen minutes because of OCD it’s a disorder, you can be really sensitive you can’t control it. You try and stop it and you can’t, and it takes a long time and autism well, it’s close to OCD but there’s no cure. So it’s like, it’s hard to get up and go to them and look after them but it’s good because they are nice people and I like them. I would rather they be the way they are than like other kids……. It’s like a tattoo….you want it and once you get it, it doesn’t go away but if you got it covered up it would never be the same kind of beautiful because it wouldn’t have the same meaning.”

by Vanessa Van Houten

A series of 71 portraits photographed 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, as people revisit a moment of loss from their past, which is presented alongside their written thoughts on the personal loss.

“Each person I photographed has become the person they are, or still is becoming the person they will be, through what they have lost and been through in their lives. Meeting and hearing their stories, feeling and seeing their vulnerability touches my heart. It is the moment when people are lost in their thoughts and by themselves, when I fall in love, when I see beauty.”

RAW is also being published into a book by an Indonesian publisher AfterHours Books in February 2016 (