Mary Karananos

From City to Sea
By Mary Karananos

Exhibition runs from 14th – 26th of February 2017
Opening Party: 6-9pm Wednesday 15th of February.

A photographic exploration of the contrasting beauty between cities and seas, and the magic that occurs when the two meet.

From the moody streets of Paris and the architectural puzzle that is New York, to the magical seascapes of Sydney.

This exhibition promises to take the viewer on a journey around the world and back home again; where city meets sea.

Mary is a creative in the advertising media industry by day, photographer and artist thereafter. She has previously featured work in group exhibitions such as the recent ’20|20 Vision’. This is her first major solo exhibition. Not to be missed.

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Walking Together
by St Scholastica’s College

Exhibition runs from 7th to 12th February.

Opening Night: 6-8pm Tuesday 7th February.

St Scholastica’s College is a Day and Boarding school, the students come from vast and diverse areas across Australia and Internationally. The students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage have been working in an extra curricular art program that aims to provide a platform for fostering the development of cultural exchange and celebration of cultural heritage. The students have demonstrated exemplary artistic abilities in the production of artworks.

The Walking Together exhibition aims to exhibit the artworks the students have been developing as a visual documentation of their cultural background and provide a visual cultural exchange of stories and histories from the St Scholastica’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

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Scruffy Unicorn

No More Unicorns
by Scruffy Unicorn

Exhibition runs from 10th to 29th January 2017.

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat 10am -8pm
Sun 12pm-5pm

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”
J.M. Barrie

For one week only artist Scruffy Unicorn is taking his art to Gauge Gallery for his first ever solo show in Sydney. In this exhibition Scruffy will try to examine the loss and struggle in trying to recapture childhood innocence & imagination using watercolours and other mixed mediums. No More Unicorns will feature 20+ new paintings that Scruffy has been working on for the past 6 months.

2016 has been a great year for Scruffy, with pieces featured in shows from Melbourne to New York and in art magazines such as Numinous. So don’t miss your chance to see his work in person and ​​up close this January.

Attendance is free and all are welcome to attend. Scruffy will be there all week to meet and sign. Original art and limited edition prints will be available for purchase.

Special Private Reception: 6-8pm Saturday 14th January 2017.

A small reception will be held on the Saturday night, with free drinks and food. Scruffy will also be on hand painting live and signing. Admittance is free, but there are limited tickets. Please RSVP

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Flesh in Light
by Matteo Bernasconi

Exhibition runs from 22nd November to 11th December 2016

Opening Party: 6-8pm Wednesday 23rd November.

Matteo Bernasconi is showcasing a large collection of new works in his first major exhibition - Flesh In Light. The exhibition looks at the human condition, exploring the dualism of human nature.

The collection of artworks have been inspired by Matteo’s curiosity in the unpredictability, vulnerability and strength of human nature. Characteristic of his paintings is movement, and he has been always obsessed with the idea of representing it in his paintings.

Matteo’s art asserts that the human being is not completely free. He believes that humans are at the mercy of their reactionary condition: and that, as animals, human reaction is always influenced by environmental circumstance.

“Watercolour can speak in a multitude of ways,  the unpredictable behaviour of the water and the transparent layers make it the most suitable medium to convey my expressions and needs in order to best represent my images and constant research into movement and light.” 

With a background in architecture in Italy, Matteo has set up a successful art business  in Australia and now works with an array of mediums including oil, print and acrylic. The exhibition with show approximately 30 pieces, a mixture of figures and portraits, using mainly watercolour and acrylic on different supports like wood canvases and cotton.

Don’t miss the chance to see this long awaited first mayor exhibition by talented artist, Matteo Bernasconi.

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For more information or images you can contact Matteo at:

19 Series view at studio
Five Encaustics on Board

Encáustica Contemporánea
by Randal Arvilla

Encáustica Contemporánea will present the latest encaustic work of Randal Arvilla from 25 October – 6 November.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm Wednesday 26 October
Artist Talk: 2pm Saturday 29 October

Like a palimpsest layered with levels of inscription, effacing and building on the layers beneath, Arvilla’s encaustic paintings and sculptures map a history of layered mark-making in wax. Bold swathes of colour combine with carbon from the printed page and impressed typographic letters and numbers to form landscape spaces and encapsulate memories of the past.

Arvilla considers the history of this ancient painting technique first used to render likenesses on Roman-Egyptian portrait sarcophagi, through a contemporary lens of colour and abstraction, whilst exploring nuanced personal themes of cultural identity, memory, loss and place.

Randal Arvilla is a Costa Rican Australian painter and sculptor. Arvilla studied Painting at the National Art School of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of San Francisco. Arvilla was awarded the St. Vincent’s and National Art School’s Painting Exhibition Award (2011) and was Runner-Up in the John Olsen Figure Drawing Prize (National Art School, 2011). Arvilla has been an exhibiting finalist in the Fleurieu Food and Wine Art Prize (2016), the Chippendale New World Art Prize (2016), Fisher’s Ghost Award (2015), St. George Art Award (2014, 2012), and Waverley Art Prize (2012).

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Text by writer and curator: Susannah E Smith


Peter Day_Feature Image

The Valley and Tableaux
by Peter Day

Exhibition runs 11th – 23rd October 2016.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm Wednesday 12th October.
Artist Talk: 11am Saturday 15th October

Paintings of the Capertee Valley from the air and small bronze sculptures of psychological associations and anomalies.

Visit artist’s website.
Visit Environmental Art and Design website.

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ANGLE – A USYD Photosoc Exhibition

Theme: ANGLE

PhotoSoc is proud to announce this semester’s exhibition ‘ANGLE’, our annual competition and exhibition to celebrate the best of student photography.

Join us on the 27th September at Gauge Gallery for a night of food, drinks and beautiful images.

We will be looking for photography that creatively explores the theme ‘Angle’ – whether it’s through use of lighting, angles, shadows or shapes – and a wide range of subject matter. Anything ‘from cheekbones to architecture’. Prize details will be announced soon.

Exhibition submission requirements:
- Open to all students currently attending a Sydney-based university
- Free submissions!
- Maximum of 4 entries per person
- Photos must be at least 3300px wide and be 300dpi in JPEG or TIFF format. Finalists will be printed in A4
- Submission to with ANGLE in the subject line
- Successful participants will be notified by e-mail

Entry with food and drink:
Exhibited entrants: Free
USYD Photosoc Members: $5
USU Access: $10
Non-Access: $15

Visit USYD Photosoc’s website.

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