Profile ’17

The 5th JMGA-NSW Biennial Curated Award Exhibition for Jewellery, Objects and Metalsmithing

Exhibition runs from 19 September to 1 October 2017.
Opening Night and Award Ceremony: 6-8pm Tuesday 19 September
Performance by Matina Bourmas of “A Gift for You”: 1-3pm Saturday 23 September

Profile is a significant curated award exhibition of contemporary jewellery, objects and metalsmithing by members of Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia NSW (JMGA-NSW). With awards on offer for both emerging and established artists, there will be a diverse and comprehensive cross- section of work from some of our state’s most talented contemporary jewellers. Selected artworks will be exhibited at Gauge Gallery.

Profile ’17 judges:
Lisa Cahill. CEO and Artistic Director of the Australian Design Centre and Grace Cochrane AM. Curator, Writer, Consultant.

HIGHLY COMMENDED ARTISTS: Jesika Dawnn, Bic Tieu and Helen Wyatt

Artists exhibiting: Linda Blair, Matima Bourmas, Zara Collins, Diane Connal, Jesika Dawnn, Jenny Fahey, Karen Findeis, Yixuan Geng, Kyoko Hashimoto, Shelly Jam, Bridget Kennedy, Carly Lay, Ba An Le, Fiona Meller, Helen Mok, Shan Shan Mok, Somboun Phonesouk, Gavino Pili, Francisca Rendic, Charlotte Richardson, Elena Sorensen, Bic Tieu, Romana Toson, Bobbie Winger, Helen Wyatt, and Yi Zhu.

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Just Art Competition
The Law Society of New South Wales

Exhibition runs 5th – 17th September 2017
Official Opening: 6-8pm Wednesday 6th September 2017.

This exhibition represents the culmination of the Law Society’s Just Art charity fundraising competition. More than 70 artists entered the competition held throughout June and July this year, submitting artworks inspired by the theme of justice. The Just Art exhibition will feature the top entries from the competition and proceeds will be donated to Bara Barang Corporation Ltd , the Law Society of NSW President’s 2017 charity.

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Katerina Apale – New Works

Exhibition runs from 8th to 27th August 2017.

Back due to popular demand from a recent showing in a theme exhibition entitled Two Birds of a Feather, we are very pleased to present new works by Katerina Apale. Painting in both oils and acrylics, these works highlight her vibrant and expressive technique which feature so strongly in her studies of flora/fauna and still lives.

Mid Year Showcase

Exhibition runs all of June in both upstairs and street level galleries.

This showcase features Glass Artists’ Gallery and Gauge Gallery artists, including Katerina Apale, Kevin Gordon, Magda Marciniak, Ruth McCallum Howell, James McMurtrie, Bek Rice, Emily Valentine, and Lorry Wedding-Marchioro.

Life is the Visualisation of a Dream
by Kocha Worapon

Exhibition runs 16th to 21st May.
Official Opening: 6-9pm Thursday 18th May

As part of Head On Photo Festival, Kocha Worapon presents his solo photography exhibition.

“I have been a foreigner for nearly ten years. By living this different concept of life, I feel the space and time differently. ‘Life is the Visualisation of a Dream’ is a photography series that express my first experience of Australia, a place where I still get lost in the cultural transformation. Everything was/is just like a distorted shape of a dream, and my photography functions as an everyday recording device that captures a unique, fragmented, abstract form of memories. This series has visualised the scenes that make me recall lost memories and I reposition myself into the spot so that I can have a better point of view and see my true self clearly.”

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GG_Invitaton 2 Minds

2 Minds by Naoras Alkarkhey and Emad Dhahir

Exhibition runs from 25th April to 7th May 2017.
Opening Event: 6-8pm Wednesday 26th April
(Please note that Tuesday 25 April is Anzac Day and the exhibition will not open until after 1pm that day)

This show features Naoras Alkarkhey (in her first exhibition) and Emad Dhahir coming together as “2 Minds”. Their work is visually related in the exploration of the human form but conceptually has different focus.

Alkarkhey says “My artworks are a personal expression of my own dreams and experiences. I discover beauty in the feminine figure and the delicate structure of a woman’s curves. The infamous Raven is my representation of strength and recovery. It is symbolic of my own experiences and the challenges I have encountered throughout my life. I rejoice in the power of women and encourage a sense of individuality. Through my artworks, I aim to create a message in which women must embrace their body and sexuality; to accept themselves wholeheartedly.”

Dhahir says “The main sources of inspiration for my sculptural body of work comes from the mythology of my own culture – the ancient Mesopotamia which are blended with rituals of my daily life – my dreams and my memories. I borrow the beauty from formal and aesthetic qualities of old ancient sculptures as well as the languages and forms of modern sculpture such as those of Giacometti, transforming them into new contemporary language and spicing them with an ‘Iraqi style’. This ‘style’ often contains and interprets serious subject matter in form and content which provide to my sculptures different humanistic and aesthetic qualities. While facing these honestly made small-size sculptures, the viewer should comprehend that they are just creative and playful foundation for bigger sculptural artistic projects waiting to be created in public space.”

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Two Birds of a Feather

Two Birds of a Feather

Exhibition runs 11th to 23rd April 2017.

This special Easter exhibition showcases two of our resident artists – Katerina Apale and Emily Valentine. Both feature feathers in their work, however they interpret this theme in distinctively different ways.

Katerina was born and raised in Riga, Latvia, where she painted from an early age. She has exhibited works in many solo and group shows all over the world. Katerina has exhibited in Gauge previously for Interiors, where her works were admired and purchased for their vigorous use of colour, and portrayal of animals and nature.

Emily Valentine studied Object Design at Sydney College of the Arts. Many have purchased her beaded jewellery from Glass Artists’ Gallery. Since then, she has earned national and international recognition for her unique, hybrid creatures where she uses “feathers” as her paint.

Please note the gallery will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.


Ocean Vibes

Ocean Vibes
by THE SPACE gallery

Exhibition runs from 28th March until 9th April 2017.
Opening Night: 6-8pm Thursday 30th March.

Group show inspired by the ocean, featuring artists Lorna Ballantyne Epps, Ella Krestensen, Nina Norden, and Pascale Reuter-Rajek.

The four artists will be organising workshops over both weekends, please see as follows…
Workshops  |  10.30am-2.30pm

- Alcohol Inks with Lorna Ballantyne Epps  |  Saturday 1st April  |  Event Details/Book Ticket
- Design with Collage with Ella Krestensen  |  Sunday 2nd April  |  Event Details/Book Ticket
- Expression with Nina Norden  |  Saturday 8th April  |  Event Details/Book Ticket
- Abstraction with Pascale Reuter-Rajek  |  Sunday 9th April  |  Event Details/Book Ticket
NB: Please contact for more information and to RSVP as spaces are limited.

Visit THE SPACE gallery website.

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Through Thai Eyes
by Kaikwan

Exhibition runs from 14 – 26 March 2017.
Official Opening: 6-8pm Saturday 18 March.

This is the first solo exhibition by young Thai artist Traijak Poolkasikorn, known as “Kaikwan”.

Kaikwan now lives in Sydney and is a self-taught artist who has drawn all his life before exploring other media and moving from representation art to abstraction. He grew up in rural Thailand and together with the Australian bush, these influences are strongly felt through much of his work.

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